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Perfect Vibe - Power Plate Studio

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Activity Type Fitness & Exercise
Power Plate
Activity Description A total body workout in just 30 minutes using state of the art Power Plate machines.
Quote from a participant "At last I have found a form of exercise I really like and I saw the positive changes to my body in weeks." From a Brighton & Hove City Council licencing staff member.
Main Contact (position) Faz Suleman   (Owner)
Contact Address Room 3, 6 Stone Street
East Sussex
Mobile 07876 350232
Age Range 15-17
Over 60's
Our sessions are Open to the general public.
Open to people from particular backgrounds. (including)
Older people
People who are overweight or obese
People with cardio-vascular disorders
People recovering from stroke
People who have sedentary lifestyles
Session Venues Single Venue
Activity Venue Address Room 3, 6 Stone Street
East Sussex
BN12HB - online map
Booking Prior booking required. Contact for details.
Do people pay to take part? Yes
Cost Pay As You Go - 4 Week Courses. 1 class a week (for 4 weeks) 44 2 classes a week (for 4 weeks) 80 3 classes a week (for 4 weeks) 108 10% discount off first course for all Brighton and Hove Council employees.
Our sessions are By arrangement
Days/Times Seasonal sessions
If this is your club and the details need to be updated, please use the Contact Us page and let us know.
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