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Strictly Dancing With Lisa

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Activity Type Dance
Bollywood, Charleston & Modern Jive
Activity Description A fun adult dance class which covers a variety of dance styles, so each week is something different!
Quote from a participant I came to class on my own, not knowing what to expect. Right away I was made to feel welcome and reassured it didn't matter if anyone made mistakes.
Main Contact (position) Lisa Saw  (Teacher)
Mobile 07939 248871
Age Range 18-49
Over 60's
Our sessions are Open to the general public.
Session Venues Multiple Venues
Booking Prior booking required. Contact for details.
Do people pay to take part? Yes
Cost The basic rate is 5 for a class with the option to save money if you pay in advance (20 for 5 classes) or join the Brighton Tuesday Evening class for just 3.50 a class.
Our sessions are At regular times
Days/Times Afternoon
Various classes are on offer in the daytime and evening in the Brighton and nearby areas
Seasonal sessions
Closed over Christmas, Easter and Summer. For specific dates please contact me.
If this is your club and the details need to be updated, please use the Contact Us page and let us know.
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