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Health & Wellbeing

Why be active?

Many of us may not be too keen on the idea of exercise. It might be that we are too busy, or tired and achy, or simply can't face the thought of it - but did you know?

·          Being active can cut your risk of chronic illnesses, such as coronary heart disease and obesity, hypertension, cancer, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety stroke and diabetes

·          People who are physically active reduce their risk of developing stroke and ‘type 2 diabetes’ by up to 50% and the risk of premature death by about 20-30%.


Weight management programmes for young people and adults in Brighton & Hove.


How much activity should we be doing?

·          Children and young people should achieve a total of 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each day.

·          Adults, including older people, should achieve a total of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity at least five days a week.

·          Targets can be achieved with 10-minute bursts of activity spread throughout the day.

Building activity into your day gives you more energy and strengthens joints so that you don't feel so achy and it doesn't have to be a vigorous workout - all movement counts.

 Getting an active lifestyle

·          When it comes to physical activity, every little helps. Being physically active everyday is easier than you think.

·          You don’t have to do it all in one go, shorter bursts of activity for as little as ten minutes at a time will add up to the total amount.

·          For the activity to count towards your target, it should make you feel warm and slightly out of breath.

·          Write your activity in a diary. It will help you to stay focused, and motivate you throughout the week.


Here are some top tips for building exercise into your daily life:

1) Choose an activity you enjoy.

2) Reduce time spent sitting down – get up and about!

3) Cycle or walk part, if not all, of your journey to work.

4) Get off one bus or tube stop before your final destination.

5) Exercise with your child. Take them to the swimming pool or play in the garden or park.

6) Go out for a short walk. Start with five to 10 minutes, and then gradually do 30 minutes, increasing the pace from leisurely to brisk.

7) If you've been inactive for several years, start slowly and work your way up.


For further information, advice and guidance on getting active; go to NHS Choices 

 Brighton and Hove is part of the Change4Life movement. In order to maintain a healthy weight we need to both eat well and move more. Many families are making changes that will help them to live healthier and longer lives. For more information about eating well and moving more visit  Changef4Life

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