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More people, more active, more often

Welcome to the Active for Life Website, for people in Brighton & Hove who want to get more active for fun, fitness or health.  The site includes a directory of activity and sports groups, tips on getting started and keeping going, and resources for activity organisers and health professionals

Want to find a local sport or physical activity club? This Website holds details or more than 400 different clubs and groups providing sport and physical activity opportunities in Brighton & Hove. Since 1996 this information has been collated into the Active for Life printed directory published once per year. In 2004 the Active for Life Website was created to provide a searchable online directory of all sport and physical activity clubs and groups in Brighton and Hove in additional to the printed directory. 

Did you know you can also view the printed version of the Active for Life Club Directory online?

Our Website also provides residents with general advice on getting more active and improving health and wellbeingand information and advice for people running clubs and groups in Brighton & Hove, along with information for coaches and volunteers delivering sport and physical activity across the city.

This Website is maintained by Brighton & Hove City Council’s Sport Development Team and NHS Brighton & Hove.

Skateboarding and sailing at Hove Lagoon


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